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Congratulations on the official launch of the new website of Huanghuatai Kiln

Congratulations on the official launch of the new website of Huanghuatai Kiln

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  In order to better enhance the company's image, strengthen the network propaganda, create favorable conditions for the company's operation and development, and better display the company's external image, the company's website has been successfully upgraded and revised.
  The revision of the website is mainly aimed at improving the company's image, facilitating product promotion, and improving the company's influence. The column setting, function design, service content and performance form of the website have been greatly adjusted, and the functional division has been re-established. The column section further integrates the company's information resources to provide customers with more efficient and convenient services.
  The new version of the website column is more accurate and more informative, guiding and assisting corporate news promotion, corporate culture construction and other work. We will, as always, provide our customers with quality service with more full enthusiasm, more dedicated spirit and more professional quality.
  The operation of the new website marks that our company has put forward higher requirements in the network promotion, reached a higher level, and laid a foundation for the company's long-term development.
  I hope that everyone will continue to pay attention and provide more valuable opinions.