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The flue gas denitration technology of coal-fired boilers has a significant effect in the application of Nanhua

The flue gas denitration technology of coal-fired boilers has a significant effect in the application of Nanhua

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  Nanhua Company 1# coal-fired boiler denitration device uses the flue gas denitration technology of coal-fired boiler jointly developed by Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute, Nanhua Company and Ningbo Technology Research Institute. The indicators for purifying flue gas are in line with national and local pollution. Emission standards. As of today, the coal-fired boiler denitration unit has been running continuously for more than two years, the nitrogen oxide removal rate is over 90%, and the escape ammonia concentration is less than 2 mg per cubic meter. The technology has applied for 10 Chinese invention patents, obtained 4 invention patents, has the independent intellectual property rights of Sinopec, and won the second prize of 2015 Sinopec Science and Technology Progress.
  Nitrogen oxides are one of the major atmospheric pollutants that can be harmful to the environment and human health. On the one hand, with the increasingly strict national environmental protection regulations, the national air pollutant discharge standards have strict regulations on nitrogen oxide emissions; on the other hand, because the state incorporates coal-fired boiler emission standards into environmentally binding targets, enterprises are burning The environmental protection of coal-fired boiler flue gas has received much attention. The complete set of flue gas denitration technology for coal-fired boilers uses ammonia to convert nitrogen oxides in the flue gas of coal-fired boilers into nitrogen and water under the action of catalysts, thus achieving effective treatment of nitrogen oxides in flue gas.
  Based on the characteristics of boiler flue gas, the researchers put forward a technical scheme of air-grading low-nitrogen combustion and flue gas selective catalytic reduction and denitrification. They have developed a coal-fired boiler flue gas selective catalytic reduction denitration (SCR) process and boiler flue gas. A series of advanced process technologies and equipment such as selective catalytic reduction reactor, ammonia injection module and other key equipment and patented internal components. The researchers also systematically analyzed the composition of pollutants in the flue gas of coal-fired boilers, and developed a FN-2G denitration catalyst with nano-titanium dioxide as carrier, vanadium, tungsten and other metal oxides as active components of the catalyst. At present, 9 sets of boiler flue gas denitration devices have been completed and put into use with this technology.
  The three 220-ton/hour coal-fired boilers of Nanhua Company adopt the flue gas denitration technology of coal-fired boilers. The concentration of nitrogen oxides in the purified flue gas after treatment can reach 20 mg per cubic meter, which is in line with national and local pollutant discharge standards. It can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by about 2,867 tons per year, which effectively improves the air environment around the company and has good social benefits.
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